PennApps XXIII -

Philadelphia, PA [September 2022]

Made a team with new friends from Flordia and put my Flask skills to the test with a scheduling app! We demoed our site!

NYC Human Performance Hackathon -

New York City, NY [June 2022]

Was invited to a hackathon in NYC and co-formed the "Tomato Team" to build a stress reducing app! Got to work with Chrome extensions, Flask servers, and re-learn swift for iOS programming. This hackathon was geared to everyone, not just college students, and I got to meet a lot of people from all over NYC!

BrickHack 6 -

Rochester, NY [February 2020]

Dandyhacks -

Rochester, NY [February 2018]

Went to University of Rochester to build a decentralized data sharing tool! I demoed and won first place!

Hack RPI -

Troy, NY [November 2016]

Headed back to RPI for my 3rd hackathon! Brought my friends Richard and Hank, and met an HS student who joined our team! I made an artistic representation of soylent for the drawing contest.

BigRed//Hacks -

Ithaca, NY [September 2016]

Joined Dan and other RIT friends to a hackathon at Cornell! Built a website for searching for music based on tastes with the Spotify API. Much Soylent was had.

Hack RPI -

Troy, NY [November 2015]

My friend Fernando brought me to my first ever hackathon. I drank soylent, learned about steganography and figured out what a "hackathon" actually is.